About BDKplan

Our mission and aims

BDKplan was founded on 01.05.98 by Ulrich Brandes, Ralf Dörner and Karl Heinz Kirchner. As of today, diverse projects have been successfully carried out.

Our team of planners includes 20 highly qualified experts who design installations for building engineering equipment. Our activities are spread across whole of Germany and the neighbouring European countries. Inquisitiveness for anything new and experience gained from the past allow us to blend innovative and proven technologies in our planning and performance. Commitment to and coordination with all participants of planning is just as important to us as compliance to cost calculations to ensure dependable budgeting for our principals.

Our aim is to tell you about us, draw your attention to us and to nurture your confidence in us. Take this opportunity to talk to us about your objectives and, together with us, translate these according to your vision and our know-how into a reality. As an independent engineering office, we will support you throughout the period of project implementation.