Our services

Your reliable partner in construction - both nationally and internationally

As an independent engineering office, BDKplan offers all-inclusive and meticulously planned packages of services in construction planning, consulting, monitoring and coordination.

BDKplan follows an optimized approach while collating a services package for you. You will receive the desired results on the agreed date, at the planned cost and in the required quality.

BDK · Consulting

  • You wish to estimate the cost of your future building technology
  • You wish to know how economical your building can be
  • You are planning to renovate an old construction
  • You need a reliable proof of the actual condition of a structure
  • You wish to employ various state-of-the-art power technologies

Team BDK · Consulting will answer all your questions technically to the best of its know-how.

BDK · Planning

  • You are planning erection of a building structure
  • You need support in regard to assembly documents
  • You wish to operate or manage a building structure

You can depend on BDK · Planning for assistance. Our team will carry out all phases of planning as per the architectural and engineering provisions (HOAI); including assembly plans and preparation and subsequent digitalization of review documents.

BDK · Monitoring

  • You require technical support in carrying out a building project
  • You wish to compile a photo documentation of a building project
  • You require a chronological documentation of the construction
  • You wish to carry out and complete every building project on schedule and within the envisaged estimates

You ideal counterpart would be BDK · Monitoring. From construction management/supervision and video/photo documentation to status documentation, scheduling and cost monitoring, we as an independent engineering office will ensure our support for you throughout the entire period of construction activity.

BDK · Coordination

  • All participating members need to be coordinated from a single point
  • You wish to professionally manage building projects aimed at many leaseholders (trades)
  • You require uniform blueprints from the beginning

BDK · Coordination will handle these jobs for you.
Planning coordination, project control, leaseholder coordination for leasing objects as well as CAD coordination are a core competence of our services portfolio. Our team members will equip you on schedule with all necessary documents of excellent quality.